Title 1

Title I is a federally funded program designed to provide supplemental help for children in reading and math. The Title I staff works with children using a variety of strategies to reinforce skills taught by classroom teachers. The Title I program creates a positive, fun environment that gives children the extra boost they need to succeed at grade-level work. Students primarily work with small groups outside of the regular classroom and provide additional instruction within the regular classroom.

Students are selected for the program based on teacher recommendations and test scores that indicate the need for additional help. Students in the program are monitored throughout the year. They usually stay in the program until their classroom teacher and Title I teacher feel they are ready to work without extra help.


Ms. Julie Boerger
651-403-7826 | julie.boerger@isd197.org

Ms. Becky Clark
651-403-7872 | rebecca.clark@isd197.org

Ms. Cristin DeLaForest
651-403-7821 | cristin.delaforest@isd197.org

Ms. Sarah Kantola
651-403-7824 | sarah.kantola@isd197.org


How would you characterize a Title I student?

Some students have difficulty staying on task in a large-group setting. Others need more time to review and use skills introduced in the classroom. Still others simply need to work at a slower pace because they need extra time and attention to master the basic reading and math skills taught in their classroom.

What role do parents play?
Parental involvement is vital and contributes significantly to the success of Title I students. Parents are informed about Title I services through conferences, newsletters, open houses, and parent meetings scheduled throughout the year. Parents are strongly encouraged to attend conferences, open houses, parent meetings and PIE (Parents in Education) Nights.

What are the goals of Title I?
Our Title I staff is dedicated to helping children master the basic skills in reading and math that will keep them on track and help them succeed in their classrooms. We also work with parents by providing materials and training to assist them in working with their children at home.