Kindergarten at Moreland is always buzzing with activity! 

We have high expectations for every child. We provide hands-on learning experiences to engage children and make learning come alive. Our kindergartners have many opportunities to learn and grow through a standards based Arts and Health Sciences infused curriculum.

Some of the unique and exciting Kindergarten experiences at Moreland include:

  • Visiting Artists Residencies to support science, math, language arts and social skills.
  • 2:1 iPads to support literacy and math
  • InSciEd Out Partnership with the Mayo Clinic and U of Mn Scientists to develop young scientists.
  • 3 Field trips to the Dodge Nature Center to support science unit.
  • Picturing Writing
  • Dance class and Brain Gym
  • Tie-dying t-shirts
  • Family Gingerbread House Day
  • The Garden Club
  • Summer Stretch Reading Project
  • PIE Night to support family connections and learning


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