Ms. Lisa Schwinn
Ms. Lisa Schwinn
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I am Moreland's Developmental Adapted Physical Education teacher, I also teach DAPE at Mendota and Somerset Elementary schools.  I started in teaching in the district in 2003.  

I am a very dedicated and enthusiastic teacher who enjoys working with people.  I have worked with a wide variety of, and often challenging, students.  I am confident in my abilities to provide a positive and active learning environment for my students. 

I adapt the Physical Education instruction to best meet the needs and the wide range of abilities of my students to ensure success.  I believe in providing a warm, supportive, and stable environment.  In general, the movement and exercise can be very intimidating. 

By building and increasing interpersonal relationships with peers, individuals feel comfortable whether they succeed or fail, without ridicule from anyone.  Put-downs, poor sportsmanship and/or teasing others are not allowed in the classroom.  They are there to better their skills, have fun, and appreciate and help others succeed. 

If there is some sort of problem or issue, it needs to be dealt with immediately and swiftly but tactfully as well.  One that involves respect, safety, trust, and open lines of communication between students and teachers.  I try to provide a caring but firm classroom environment, along with being positive and active for all students regardless of ability or disability.  

I believe Physical Education to be an essential element by contributing to the physical, intellectual, and social growth of the individual.  I believe it is important to get to know my students and find out their interests to know how best to relate with them.  I believe it is important that students learn that physical activity can result in their feeling, looking, and functioning better in their day-to-day lives and activities.