Special Education

Special education is specially designed instruction based on the needs of an individual student. As required by law, School District 197 provides a free, appropriate public education to about 900 students with disabilities from birth through age 21 who attend both public and private schools. A team develops, implements and reviews each student’s individual program. Please see School District 197’s Special Education section for more information.

Moreland's Special Education team is dedicated to helping each individual child achieve success. Staff are devoted to students and leave no stone unturned in their quest to help each one achieve his or her potential.


Becca Boelk, Speech-Language Pathologist
651-403-7836 | rebecca.boelk@isd197.org

Caitlin Conway, Teacher
651-403-7835 | caitlin.conway@isd197.org

Deah Ehalt, Teacher
651-403-7808 | deah.ehalt@isd197.org

Sarah Elkin, School Psychologist
651-403-7865 | sarah.elkin@isd197.org

Jennica Elliot, Occupational Therapist
651-403-7847 | jennica.elliott@isd197.org

Susanna Fishlove, Speech-Language Pathologist
651-403-7498 | susanna.fishlove@isd197.org

Keri Johannes, Teacher
651-403-7823 | keri.johannes@isd197.org

Lori LarsonSpeech-Language Pathologist
651-403-7800 | lori.larson@isd197.org

Leah McNeill, Teacher
651-403-7862 | leah.mcneill@isd197.org

Marie Rupiper, Teacher
651-403-7846 | marie.rupiper@isd197.org

Monika Thornberg, Teacher
651-403-7867 | monika.thornberg@isd197.org 

Peter Usset, Teacher
651-403-7814 | peter.usset@isd197.org


Becca Boelk
My name is Becca Boelk and I am a Speech and Language Pathologist at Moreland Arts and Health Sciences Magnet School. I work with students attending kindergarten through fourth grade, in the areas of articulation, language, speech fluency, and voice. I love being a part of the Moreland community, and thoroughly enjoy working with students and their families. I received a Bachelor of Science in Communicative Disorders at the University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point and obtained a Master of Science in Speech Language Pathology at the University of Wisconsin - Madison. I also hold my Certificate of Clinical Competence from the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association. I live in West Saint Paul with my husband, daughter, and our dog. When I am not at school, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, swimming, hiking, traveling, gardening, and reading.

Leah McNeill
Hello! My name is Leah McNeill and I am a Special Education Teacher at Moreland Arts & Health Sciences Magnet School. I have been teaching at Moreland since 2018. I received my Special Education: Academic Behavior Strategist License from Augsburg University. I live with my family in South St. Paul with my dog Ringo and my cat Eleanor Rigby. When I'm not at school, I love to spend time outdoors by hiking and camping. 

Marie Rupiper
Hello! My name is Marie Rupiper and I am a special education teacher at Moreland Arts and Health Sciences Magnet School. I have taught at Moreland since 2018. I hold a bachelor's degree in elementary education with an added academic behavior strategist license from Minnesota State University Moorhead. In my free time I enjoy running, camping, and going for bike rides.