Ms. Debora Nass
Mrs. Debora Nass
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Ms. Nass 
Mrs. Debora Nass began teaching at Moreland Arts and Health Science school in 1994 as a part-time music teacher. Since 1998, Mrs. Nass has been the full time music teacher for all Moreland scholars.

Bachelor of Music Education 
UW Eau Claire
Master of Science in Educational Leadership 
Minnesota State University, Mankato



Moreland students enjoy discovering, developing, and sharing their music during the 90 minutes of instruction per week. Learning to create music heightens our students’ opportunities for personal expression. Rhythm, melody, harmony, tone color, form, and style are developed in an integrated, comprehensive program. Studying a rich variety of historical and cultural styles deepens their understanding of the world.

Students read, perform, and compose with music symbols on a variety of musical instruments. Great composers, orchestral instruments, the science of sound, jazz, and writing lyrics are more units of study. Singing is a joyful, lifelong part of all that we do, from the classroom to the vocal music concerts that are performed each year.

2017-2018 Concert Dates 

1st Grade

"A Night of Stars" 
Tuesday, February 6
6:00 PM

2nd Grade
"A Night of Stars" 
Thursday, February 8
6:00 PM

3rd Grade
"A Night of Stars"
Thursday, February 8
7:15 PM  

4th Grade  
The Lion King  
4th Grade Capstone Musical
​Thursday, March 9

Kindergarten Jamboree
​Friday, June 1
​1:15 PM